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About Me


I believe YOU have EVERYTHING inside of YOU to build the life, relationships, and profession YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY DESIRE! 




Hi, I'm Kat, 
& I am SO excited YOU are HERE! 

Let me ask you, do you ever feel like you're living someone else's life?


Like you're trapped in a "box" built by expectations, not your own dreams?


I get it.


I grew up in Germany, where fitting in was the norm and speaking your mind was... well, frowned upon.


But here's the thing: You're not alone.


Between you and me ...I've always been a bit of a rebel, and if I had to take a guess I'd say that spark of individuality lives in you too?! 

Even as a little girl, I couldn't help but blurt out what I saw, no matter how embarrassing it was for my family (like the time I told a stranger her teeth looked like a horse's!). Geeze I still see my Mum and Grandma blush!


But like you, I've always had a mind of my own, a drive to question the status quo, and a passion for authenticity.

Deep down, I always knew I was different. A little too loud, a little too opinionated, and always asking "why?"

You know what, though?

Being "different" isn't a flaw, it's your superpower!


My journey has been anything but ordinary, and yours doesn't have to be either. - You can create a life, and career outside of the "box" - the known and familiar!


(Let me get this straight up front: sometimes comfort is nice, somethings familiar systems are helpful; I mean geeze, I work with frameworks in my coaching and consulting, too. The problem, you might ask? - When we live and operate on autopilot, with blinders on!) 

Back to our story... 


I've faced rejection and setbacks, but each one has been a stepping stone towards self-discovery.


  • I've embraced my imperfect English; despite being told in the face "you're never going to make it - your language is horrible"

  • Navigated career changes; despite some mentor's opinion I "should" keep building my HR career, or "should" stay in a role longer than my soul could handle

  • By now you might have guessed it: I even moved across the world to feel FREE and FULFILLED 

Along the way, you learn invaluable lessons about resilience, courage, and the power of following your heart.

Now, I'm here to help you do the same.



As a certified professional coach, Energy Leadership Index Practitioner, and former HR professional, I'm equipped with a unique blend of strategic insight and a deep understanding of human dynamics and cultural nuances.


In my previous HR role, I successfully reduced employee turnover from 22% to 4% and increased development program participation from 12% to 88%.


No matter what team you are leading or a part of (departments at work, your family, your friends circle) I believe you can build thriving team dynamics but leveraging the incredible power and talent each unique individual brings to the table! 

If you want to make a tiny change today, begin by exchanging judgement with curiosity!

Whether you're an individual seeking personal transformation or a business leader looking to unleash the potential of your team, I'm here to guide you.


I wholeheartedly believe that everyone is a leader, influencing those around them in unique ways.


And every leader, no matter their role, can benefit from stepping out of their comfort zone and embracing their true selves.

My passion is empowering YOU to live and lead

YOUR truth.

      Together, we'll:

  • Uncover YOUR authentic self: Peel back the layers of societal expectations and discover what truly makes YOU tick.

  • Embrace YOUR unique strengths: Identify YOUR natural talents and use them to build a life (or team) that thrives.

  • Silence YOUR inner critic: Overcome self-doubt and embrace YOUR worthiness (and the worthiness of your team).

  • Communicate with YOUR unique voice: Master the art of challenging conversations and express yourself authentically, whether in your personal life or in the boardroom.

  • Create a life (or team culture) of empowerment, purpose, and joy: Design a life (or workplace) that aligns with YOUR values and fulfills YOUR deepest desires.




I believe that when we embrace our authenticity and live in alignment with our purpose, we unleash a powerful force for good – in our own lives, in our teams, and in the world around us.

I even brought you some fun facts... Which ones do we have in common?

1. When I was 12 years old, you found me on my swing in our backyard, singing ABBA songs at the top of my lungs! (I always knew how to cultivate joy:)).

2. When I was six years old, I dreamt of having a horse - my parents always responded it was too expensive. In my mind, a donkey would be the Chevy of the horses, so I asked for this instead (speaking of thinking outside the box :).) Today, I have a metal donkey in our living room - still dreaming of having a real one in our yard.

3. When I am on edge, I need to go outside and spend time in nature!

4. I redefined my relationship with food and exercise in my early thirties! From working out to meet other people's expectations, meeting a body image, and telling myself I am a foodie and that makes it ok to overeat on ice cream and cookies, I changed my story to moving because of my holistic health, and food - well I LOVE food, it is true, but I choose not to overeat anymore and to numb my feelings and instead choose to a) feel my emotions, and b) choose foods that fuel my body so I can be that bundle of energy you all love so much ;)

5. I'm a Taurus which explains my love for nature and being grounded when I have both feet on the earth. But, my rising sign is Leo, which explains my love for energizing rooms and serving from a stage. 

6. The #1 thing people get wrong about me is that "because I am so positive", hard things are easy for me. Whereas, because I am fiercely facing any challenge I am confronted with, and learned to find acceptance in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the most wonderful, it allows me to approach life with gratitude and enthusiasm!

7. I wholeheartedly believe in leading from the heart. If we display unkind or harsh behavior it is because we are wounded and need to heal. I advocate for showing up from a place of love!

8. In the winter, I use a snow scratcher! What about you? Do you still use an ice scraper or are you on trend by now?  


9. I LOVE live concerts! To me, they feel like short vacations!

10. I've been told numerous times "you're too much", "you are not structured enough", "your ideas are too bold!" - And I have to say, it's true, I am HIGH energy, I am going off the plan often, because I am dynamic, opportunity seeking, and believe that for every challenge there IS a solution.


Like Pipi Longstocking, I acknowledge reality, and choose to create a world that I love. And I can help you build YOURS, too! :)


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