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Ready to walk through life empowered, confident, and excited for another day?

Welcome to Authentic Life

and Leadership Coaching

for Millennials.

Do you feel like a square peg being shoved into a round hole, with every fiber of your being screaming, "There's more to me!"?


It's that inner genius of yours, tired of playing it safe and being smothered by the dull blanket of 'shoulds' and 'musts,' itching to break free and dance to its own rhythm. 


Let's cut through the noise, ditch those dusty old rulebooks, and carve out a path where your voice isn't just heard, but reverberates with undeniable impact. Time to blaze a trail that's authentically, unapologetically, irresistibly YOU.

You've been down every road marked "Success This Way," followed the crowd, nodded along to every mainstream mantra, and what do you have to show for it?

A closet full of worn-out personas that never quite fit and a voice that's tired of being dialed down to a whisper. 


All those one-size-fits-all strategies? They flopped because they were crafted for the masses, not the mastermind that is YOU.  Which leaves you boxed into a role that doesn’t allow for your genius to shine.


It's high time to ditch the imitation game, crank up your unique frequency, and strut into the spotlight with all the confidence of a rockstar owning the stage. Let's flip the script on "the way it's always been done" and start playing by your rule.


Welcome to living outside the box!

  • Waking up energized, with every day feeling like an adventure you're actually excited to embark on.

  • Presenting your groundbreaking ideas to your people, sparking discussions that pave the way for projects you've always wanted to accomplish.

  • Transforming your world into a dynamic hub where collaboration thrives, and your contributions are not just acknowledged but celebrated.

  • Navigating your life and career path with the confidence of someone who knows their worth and isn't afraid to ask for what they deserve.

  • Cultivating a network of fellow trailblazers that's not just vast but valuable, filled with deep connections that respect each other and seek out your unique insights.

  • Experiencing a profound sense of fulfillment, knowing you're not just going through the motions but making a real difference in your field and beyond.

This is what’s possible when you break out of your box and be your authentic self in all areas of your life. 

Have I sparked your curiosity?

Hey I’m Kat!

Your trailblazing mentor!


Ever feel like you're living someone else's story?

Conformity suffocated my growth until I broke free.

Now, I'm all about empowering you to embrace your uniqueness with my 5Cs to Authentic Life and Leadership.


On this journey together, we will uncover what makes your H.E.A.R.T. (values, excitements, strengths, reasons and intuition) uniquely you! 


Let's ditch societal expectations and uncover your brilliance. Imagine living authentically, unapologetically you. That's the world I'm inviting you to step into.

Together, we'll redefine success and fulfillment.

Are you ready to rewrite your story, one courageous step at a time?

My Approach


Katharina is a truly inspiring person who helped me learn how to recognize myself going down the negative spiral before sabotaging myself.

With the Energy Leadership Assessment she gave me such a valuable tool to observe myself and change my responses.

Through the work with her I have learned to enter situations more openly and recognized how the outcome changed.

Before I met Katharina, I walked through life with negative blinders on and with her tools I leave those off! The result? I feel much better and cause less stress for myself!


Katharina is a creative thinker with an inherent ability to see the good in others and to pull that good out of you. I started growth circle/coaching with a goal of improving my communication. My goals constantly shifted as I discovered more about what I truly was seeking and the process to get there. I tend to be more of an independent learner, but I gained so much from being in a group and hearing the views of others, their challenges, their barriers, and the questions Kat would pose. I have enjoyed the community aspect of growth circle to know I have Kat as well as the rest of my group members to call upon for advice, inspiration, and support. Katharina is willing and able to uplift you but in a way that challenges and inspires you to put in the work. I would recommend her to anyone. You can have any goal in mind, and I am certain she will help you grow and ask you questions that force you to ponder how to make a change. I believe part of Katharina’s mission is to bring more peace to this world, and I certainly have gained more peace of mind and heart.


Learning how to handle situations without coming off the wrong way has tremendously helped my relationships both personal and work related.


Join this circle to find your happiness again! You will be able to better understand why you are the way you are. To get to the root cause of things you have to go deep and sometimes that can be very scary.


I am so happy I was vulnerable and honest throughout this journey. If you want to feel better again inside & out this is definitely a great place to start.


Katharina has been helping boost my confidence since the first day I met her.

There is an infectious feeling of self-worth when working with Katharina that, simply put, leaves you wanting more! She truly cares for the better of others, but also cares for the better of herself as well. She leads with grace and motivates with such passion.

I recommend Katharina to anyone looking to grow personally or professionally. Whether you are looking to grow confidence in your career or get to the root of certain daily challenges, Katharina has the experience and knowledge to guide you. 


Katharina's coaching abilities shine brightly due to her vibrant and empathetic personality. She provided me with the necessary resources and one-on-one meetings that helped me see the value in truly looking at what was best for myself at my current stage in life. Her emphasis on identifying what is truly best for oneself at a given life stage, rooted in personal values and goals, has been instrumental in shaping my perspective.

 Her inspirational approach transformed my mindset, emphasizing the importance of stepping outside this metaphorical box for personal and professional growth. Katharina’s coaching encouraged me to embrace discomfort as a catalyst for clarity and growth. I now understand that pursuing what I truly desire not only benefits me, but radiates that same passion to everyone around me, turning a seemingly “selfish” decision into an almost “selfless” contribution.

Here’s how the 5Cs to Authentic Life & Leadership work 

Ready to be the authentic human and leader you’re born to be?



Let’s chat to see if we can grow together! 


Your 1:1 Trailblazer Coaching package includes:

  • 12 Zoom coaching calls (customized frequency) to dive deep into your growth and personalize the 5Cs just for YOU!  

  • Monthly zoom sessions with fellow Trailblazers!

  • The Energy Leadership® Index (ELI) assessment

  • Three in-person sessions where you meet fellow 1:1 Trailblazers! Think Mastermind-Vibes. During these days we do not watch the clock, instead, we watch your transformation in action! 

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