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Take Action & Receive News from Kat! 

Congratulations on saying YES to yourself! 

How to Work Together

1:1 Coaching 

Energy drives every action you take!

Being an Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner, I help you gain awareness how YOUR energetic response to your experiences impacts the life you are living and the results you are creating. 

Let’s partner so we can take that newly gained awareness and uncover a clear vision of who you want to become. Let’s create alignment between your values and life choices. Learn ways to leave overwhelm, stuckness and frustration behind. 

iPEC’s Core Energy Coaching™ process allows us to understand the challenges that are unconsciously  holding you back. 

Together we will explore how you can level up, find peace, joy and trust in yourself!

Throughout our journey, you will learn small action steps that will guide you towards the life you desire. 

It starts with you saying YES to yourself! Are you ready? 

Let's go! 

Culture Transformation 
One Individual at a Time

Let me tell you a secret: finding the right talent for your team, engaging and retaining your people is doable!


What!? Yes! Book your discovery session today and let's explore my secret ingredients that let you sleep at night, find the right hire for the right role and establish engagement strategies that will eliminate the word turnover from your vocabulary.


Instead, you'll  have exceptional employee satisfaction, team spirit and greater productivity - leading to  business success and profitability.

Let Me Energize Your Room! 

If you are looking for a highly enthusiastic and thought provoking speaker, who moves you and your team from frustration, hopelessness and lethargy into action, joy and success, you are in the right place!



My signature topics are not what you're looking for? 

Awesome! I love thinking outside the box and creating something new! Let's chat and figure out what you are looking for?

Turning challenges into opportunities is my specialty!  

Growth Circle
for Women


In a small circle of women, we (re-)discover what lights you up! How you can manage your mind, emotions, and take aligned actions with ease and flow! 

You'll likely become a Pro in turning any challenge you are confronted with into an amazing opportunity!! 

We explore what it means to trust the process & learn how to make decisions when you "just don't know".

The commitment to yourself will allow you to feel what it means to show up authentically, confidently and ready to conquer the world! 

Together, we will set powerful intentions so that you'll never need new year's resolutions anymore! :)


Let's Connect!

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