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Women's Wellness & Empowerment Retreat - Registration opens March 1st 6pm EST

The overarching topic these last few weeks has been spending time in solitude; alone, with a focus on what really matters to you, what serves your purpose, what goals you have for yourself.

Ever since I’ve been on this journey of personal development, I’ve dreamt of creating a space for solitude for others.

I wanted to offer an opportunity where people can dip their toes in growth work, where they can take a breath from the everyday grind. Where they can take time out of their life to explore what matters most. 

Today I can say, the day has come.

Because I love collaboration, and because a big chunk of my own journey was healing my relationship with food, and movement, I went through my list of connections and thought whom I could create this with! Ronda Torres came to mind. When I met her as a group fitness instructor in 2016, she inspired me that my mind and body is capable of so much more than I thought!

And so our journey of reconnecting led us to the creation of our first Wellness & Empowerment Retreat for Women.

When? May 20th, 2023, from 9:30am – 3:30pm

Where? At Penn State Schuylkill

Why? To Leave Your Box & Grow Full Circle!

Together, we will cover mindset work, how you can easily incorporate movement into your day, and what you can fuel your body with, that serves you. Ronda will tackle this field from a nutritious and movement perspective, and I will bring insights on the impact our thoughts have on our wellness, and ability to take action!

At the end of the day, you will have the tools to gain awareness of what it is you seek, how to accept where you are at, and what small action steps you can take to move forward!

We are so excited to guide you on a journey to reconnect with your truest self and lovingly challenge you to renew through healthy thoughts, choices, and movement.

Together, we will explore ways to create a holistically healthy lifestyle that is fun, enjoyable, and empowering!

Registration opens Wednesday March 1st! If you are one of the first ten registrants you will receive a yoga mat with our logo so you will have a piece that will forever remind you of your choice to take charge of YOUR life, because you deserve it!

(We will send an e-mail first - sign up for my news on this HOME page and will share it to our Facebook profiles afterwards.)

Gentlemen, please share this with the ladies you love and adore in your life! We would love to welcome them into our space! 

If you have any questions, please reach out!

If you haven’t seen it just yet, check out the video we recorded via Facebook to share more about our game plan and intentions! 

We are SO excited and cannot wait for May 20th! Bring your friend, your cousin, your mum, your aunt, your niece and let’s have a blast!! 

Send me your favorite empowerment songs so we make sure it’s included in the playlist! We will do a lot of work with music! 

Are you ready???

Let’s go!!!! <3

Love & Light,


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