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The Power of Service

Your passion becomes a purpose when you use it to serve others.” – Jay Shetty

Hello Beautiful People,

Let's talk about the power of service. The power of giving from the heart.

This past Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to kick off the leadership program from the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce.

We spoke about what attributes we associate with a leader. Terms like empathic, great listener, kind, caring, someone who explores, were contributed by my incredible audience. In other words, someone who serves, not someone who wants to be right, or in power. – The conversation also brought up questions on how to handle challenging situations in leadership; when it is time to have a tough conversation. Others shared how they were so new to their leadership journey and therefore found it difficult to use their voice; they wanted to grow, but were not sure yet if they truly felt prepared for leadership.

Besides the topic of conversation, I showed up very differently in this room. That was that I showed up with only one intention: Driving to the retreat, I chanted out repeatedly “I am using my energy and passion only to serve those I will meet!”

Quite frankly speaking I LOVE being on stage, I love entertaining people, I know I have a presence and a light. But recently I have learned that only when I connect with my purpose of making this world (my little world) a better place, and show up from a place of service, love, and connection, I can become a powerful presenter. Only then, I can truly advocate to engage with each other with more empathy and less ego. I got to walk my talk, right?

Why am I sharing this with you? Because for too long, I made the mistake of enjoying the applause more than the impact I was actually making in people’s minds and hearts. Yes, it’s true. I craved to be seen and to get acknowledged. For too long, I was too worried what people would think of me while presenting; or when leading, I was too obsessed with being liked.

What I am learning is that that is my ego speaking. My ego doesn’t want me to get hurt, right? So, it tries to protect me by telling me “it’s about me and I’m in risky territory when standing in front of a group or when leading a team, so I have to do everything I can to not be excluded from the group.” However, when we listen to our ego, we close the pathways that allow kind, caring, and serving vibes to flow to those we live and work with.

By showing up with our ego, we don’t allow for human connection to happen. Brené Brown writes in Gifts of Imperfections "connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued.”

The only way to create it, the only way to be empathic, is by opening our hearts, coming from a place of service, and not making it about us. Right? My own coach taught me what true empathy means: understanding and holding space without getting into the other person’s box. Without responding to their feelings by saying “I know EXACTLY how you feel” – because honestly, you don’t. You may be able to relate, you may be able to find it understandable, but our human experiences are so vastly different that we can’t possibly understand exactly how the other person feels. And if we assume this, we again make it about ourselves. – I hope this makes sense – if not, give me a call 

So, I am leaving you today with the following journal prompts:

1. Am I showing up from a place of service?

a. at my work,

b. in my family life,

c. and towards myself?

2. If yes, how do I show that and what difference do I notice?

3. If no, how can I change that and what does it mean for me if I showed up as a servant leader?

4. What is my why, that is bigger than myself, that I can fully immerse in when stepping into leadership, or when presenting?

5. On Friday we came to the conclusion that everyone is a leader, because everyone influences someone; so, I’m asking you to

a. a) define your leadership style,

b. and b) to ask yourself honestly,

c. if you are walking your talk 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into – quite frankly – my heart and mind.

This work is rooted in our hearts but starts with our minds. It is mindset-leadership-work. 

Ladies, if you want to know and learn more about this work, join Ronda and me for our Women’s Wellness & Empowerment Retreat on May 20th! Find all the information below:

We are so grateful for everyone who has already decided to spend this day of growth, self-love and mindfulness with us and I personally cannot wait to serve you that day!

Gents, I don’t want you to feel you’re missing out, so if you are interested in 1:1 coaching, or find your team at work is in need of someone who energizes your room, send me an e-mail or fill out the contact form on my website

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Shine your light, respond with love and be your best self! <3

Love & Light,


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