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My Motto of the Year

My motto for this year? Gentle Discipline.

Discipline, because it makes me feel uncomfortable.

To be honest, I never saw myself as disciplined. Mainly because I wouldn't manage to keep promises to myself. Especially when they were around a healthy lifestyle.

In September 2022, after my parents visited and I fell off the wagon with my exercise routine, I renewed the promise to myself that I would move every day - because I am a better and emotionally more leveled human when I do so (my limiting beliefs around my 'why' for movement is a whole another story).

Anyways. I managed through a couple adjustments in my perspectives to move every day. When it came to finding my motto for 2023, I decided that I wanted to keep up that discipline.

Now let's talk about the word gentle.

I added that intentionally, because on days like today, as you can see in my journal entry, I did not feel in alignment with squeezing in a full blown workout. Instead, to stay true to my promise, I did move my body and did 30 push ups. (At this point I just have to say I am SO proud because in September '22 I managed to do ONE).

I hope this helps you set your compass for 2023. Why do I challenge you to set a motto for your year? Because you deserve a life navigated with healthy habits, that help you be kind to yourself while becoming your best version.

You don't have to change who you are. But you deserve to free yourself from limiting beliefs and what you were taught is good for you so that you can play all out in this beautiful life. The world needs your light and your unique colors!

And because I'm sharing this for your empowerment I would love to know if this is helpful or if you are left with more questions:) Which is normal, too.

Sending love & light!!! Xoxo

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