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Let's Talk VIPSOs! :) VIP- What? You'll See, Take a Read Below! :)

When I was younger, I always wanted to be happy, and I wanted to trust myself.

Sometimes, I would meet these people that just radiated joy, freedom, love for life. And they seemed to have that inner peace, they seemed “home” in themselves, if that makes sense?

Back then, I thought, I just must wait long enough until I find that for myself; because I grew up thinking life just happened to me. I was devastated by challenges, hurdles, back drops. So, just like I thought I had to passively suffer through life’s hardest times, I thought the good times would just happen, too. If I was deserving of them, if only for once I got lucky. It had to show up at some point, right?!

In Last week's post though, I did reveal that this peace, joy, trust in oneself, doesn’t come from nowhere. Besides, life doesn’t just happen, and it certainly doesn’t ever happen against you. It always happens for you. Even if we can’t always see it in the moment. Although Jack Johnson is singing “Sitting, Waiting, Whishing… “, and immediately catapults us into summer feeling, we do have to choose to change “sitting waiting wishing” into “awareness gaining, acceptance finding, and action taking” (I hope that’s not just funny in my head! :D).

Bottom line: We have it in our hands. We can create what we put our minds to! Isn’t that awesome?

So, let’s use that information, let’s dive into VIPSO and set the stage and your compass towards your inner calling and direction in this precious thing called life.

Knowing your Values, Interests, Purpose, Strengths, and Opportunities brings you incredible powerful clarity! Remember I said earlier some people exude this natural, peaceful calm? I’ve learned part of that comes from the fact that these people know who they are in their core 100% and they don’t need to stumble when confronted with outside pressure.

Let’s go through to see what I mean by each of the terms.

Values: The virtues, the parameters, the drivers you consciously or unconsciously apply to make decisions.

Interests: What lights you up, OR what makes you cry? In other words, what causes intense emotion and feeling for you?

Purpose: Your WHY? What do other people appreciate about you? When do you feel you make a difference? Why do you do what you do each day, in every area of your life? If you could do anything in the world and would not worry about money, what would it be?

Strengths: What comes naturally to you? What are you really good at? What do people call you for? What role are you taking on in a team setting?

Opportunity: once you know the four pieces, you can say YES to opportunities that excite you, that stretch you, that create forward movement. And by leaning into these opportunities, you gain an even deeper understanding of your VIPS! :)

If you have trouble finding answers to the VIPSO, I’d like to challenge you to perform a little audit on your life, to determine what really matters to YOU and if you are already moving towards your best version of yourself? Sign up for my news to get this exercise :)

Remember, you are worth it!

Love & Light,


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