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Learnings from AZ Nature

As you know from my last newsletter (you can sign up on my Home page), I have just been to Sedona, AZ. Spending time in solitude. The nature there is just stunning! I love PA, but in AZ, I felt like I could BREATHE again. In fact, I feel like I have learned what it actually means to breathe.

That's why I thought I'll fill you in on my top 8 learnings from mother earth! Ready? Let's go!

1. Life is movement.

2. Life is duality. There is no darkness without light. The sun goes down, the moon rises.

3. Being still is impactful, and the greatest form of power.

4. All beings are unique, in their essence.

5. Love is all around. - We found 10+ red rocks that were heart shaped, and met Robert, who gifted each of us with a red rock in the shape of a heart, a beautiful message about showing up from a place of love and not letting your mind rule.

6. Making turns, speeding up, slowing down is normal and part of life.

7. Each moment is different and special - all we have is NOW.

8. Nature does not ask for acceptance - nature simply IS.

For those of you working with me in a group or 1:1, get ready, we will discuss these powerful insights in great detail!

For those of you who didn't take me up on my offer yet, take some time to reflect on what these lessons learned mean for you and your life right now?

> Are you appreciating life’s duality and seeing the things to be grateful for? Or do you focus on the negative?

> Are you accepting of the fact that change will always be part of life and make something out of it, or are you fighting it?

> Are you creating movement in your life? Through learning, through making baby-steps progress?

> Are you taking responsibility for creating the life of your dreams, or are you waiting for someone to do it for you?

I hope it's okay, for me to be very direct and straightforward. I promise it comes from a place of love. Honestly, I don't want you to make the same "mistakes" like I did not too long ago: feeling like I'm at life's mercy, feeling like everyone else can create the life they want but me, being very defensive when receiving criticism, instead of learning from feedback.

Doing this growth work for over 5 years now, I just need to say this: YOU & I are the only ones able to make changes to our lives. - We are always so busy trying to figure it (life) out, when mother nature already did some groundwork for us and shows us how to navigate it.

All we have to do is make decisions, like Ralph Waldo Emerson says:

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."

Have a great week everyone, and make time for solitude and reflection to set your compass!

With love & light,


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