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Finding Peace in All Seasons

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Have you ever found yourself in a bookstore, or library, strolling through the isles, finding exactly the book you are looking for in the moment?

I found myself in that situation yesterday. Just wondering through the store, thinking about what I was trying to find answers for.

Et voila, I found a peace supporting the healing journey I am on: Thriving as an Empath.

And so, this morning I began to read. One thing that made me pause immediately: A gentle reminder that there is power and impact in every of the four seasons, spring, summer, fall, winter. If only we would USE their natural vibes.

Why I am sharing this with you? Because winter is often a time of heaviness, sadness, almost depression (please seek support if you feel depression!). And therefore, we fight it. We feel like something is wrong with us, and drag our feet until spring time.

We are aware of the fight, the anger, the resentment, but instead of accepting it and taking action towards what serves us, we fight it. And with that, we are making the feeling worse. The author of my new book, however, points out that winter (with short days, and lots of darkness) naturally encourages us to turn inward, and seek our truth. - Notice my choice of words – instead of forces us I say encourages us.

Why this is important?

Because we have the choice, how we view and experience our human experiences. I want to encourage you to accept winter and make use of this season what it is good for: silence, calm, time to reflect what you want to let go of and get crystal clear on what it is you really want!

Remember our process: Create awareness, make peace, take action.

Ask yourself:

If I accepted winter for time of reflection and turning inward, what would I want to let go of?

If I accepted winter and stillness for time to clarify what I want to move towards to, what would that be for me?

If I let go of fighting the season I'm in, how much more mental capacity would I actually have to move towards what I really want?

Answer these prompts as if no one is watching, and no one is judging.

Begin to learn to connect with YOUR truth! <3

If you want me to guide you along the way, or cheer you on, reach out and we can explore how that can look like.

Love and light,


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