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Do New Year's Resolutions, Words for the Year and All these Goals Feel Overwhelming? - I got the flow for you!

Happy New Year Everyone! How have you been, you guys? 

I’ve missed you! How have your holidays been? 

Jeff and I traveled to Germany to see my family and while that is always challenging for me to be back in that culture (who’s best, who has the greatest news to report, etc.) I can happily share that this time, I was able to keep my peace. It’s what happens when you do this growth work. When you show up for yourself. Consistently. With love. With compassion. With trust that you have this feeling that there is more to your journey for a reason. And I’m grateful because leaning into the discomfort of doing deep growth work pays off. <3 

So - speaking of growth! Do you have any growth related goals or intentions this year? 

Last year my motto was “gentle discipline”. I wanted to write these letters to you every week, move routinely, and just wanted to challenge myself to see how the word discipline would feel for me and how it would allow me to rewire some limiting beliefs I had been carrying for a while. 

Turns out it allowed me to be consistent with my intentions and especially adding “gentle” to it allowed me to come home to myself. 

So, have you asked yourself what the overarching theme will be for you this year? 

What is something that doesn’t seem reachable just in a week, a month or even a few months? 

Start there. Then, perhaps ask yourself if you would be your very best and authentic version of yourself - how would he, she, or they show up? 

Consequently, what regular action steps do you need to take to close the gap between you and your very own role model? 

And what would the overarching theme need to be for you to go on this growth journey to yourself? 

Mine is “worthy” this year. Especially when things come easy to me or I feel in flow, I often catch myself asking “but do I deserve this?” or “it can’t be this easy”. And knowing that breaking through limiting beliefs requires time and work, I make it my motto of 2024. 

Before I let you go, I want to stress 3 super important things: 

  1. This is NOT a competition. Or a race against someone outside of yourself. You are exactly where you are meant to be. It is OKAY if you don’t have a motto yet. It’s okay if you start the process now and come up with one in May. 

  1. Growth is not about changing who you are. In fact, it is about getting to know yourself so well that you CAN show up as your most authentic self without the need to live in a place of comparison and scarcity. You are unique and THAT is how the world needs you. That is how we need you. 

  2. “It’s easy to forget how much progress we have made. Recognizing our own achievements can give us the energy we need to keep pushing (i don’t like pushing and would exchange it with moving) forward.” Is ironically the saying my friend sent me this morning! You know the “A” in my H.E.A.R.T. acronym stands for the strengths inside you that have led you to your achievements/accomplishments. I chose to include accomplishments in the acronym BECAUSE of this: we need to remember how far we have come because we are us. You are YOU. I am ME. THAT is our unique superpower!  

Alright, I’m excited to write to you again next week. In PA it snows heavily, so perhaps it is a great time to grab a journal and reflect on what you want your theme to be in 2024. 

Reply back to this email with questions or share your theme. I’m always thrilled to hear from you! 

Here is to a beautiful, challenging, healthy, memory-worthy, happy, crazy year of 2024! :) 

Leave Your Box and Dream Wildly! 



PS: Checkout this year's first #WisdomWednesday if you've missed it!

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