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Hi, I'm Kat!

Welcome to my world! I'm so glad you're here! 

Together we'll explore how you get in your own way by staying in the "box" you've built for yourself.

Box? Yes, your space of being safe & playing small; your construct of limiting beliefs and ways you may have always done it.

Let's break out of what you think is possible - go beyond your boldest dreams and visions and let's together, make this world a better place! By taking responsibility for how you show up in the world! 

Check out my "Why" section and learn how I can support you as a Life Coach or as a HR Partner and Leadership Guide. You are my WHY. And my mission is to bring out the best in every human being I work with. Because my vision is world peace and happiness. If you think right now "That's impossible - she's nuts!" I invite you to schedule a call today, right now! Let's go!

My Story

Growing up in Germany, I learned the best manners, the best etiquette. What I didn't learn was how to confidently and authentically speak my own truth. I also didn't learn how to take responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings and actions.

Until  the day I began my business internship in Pennsylvania, USA. All by myself, far away from trusted advisors I spent the next nine months exploring what it meant to be me, and how it felt like to rely on myself.

A couple of challenges turned into opportunities later, I moved to the United States for good; leaving external expectations and well-meant advice behind. Taking a role in People Operations in a medium sized manufacturing firm, I continued to create a life and career that felt so much in alignment with who I wanted to be(come). 


In 2020, I hit a crossroads. I felt boxed in. I'm usually known for great enthusiasm, thinking outside the box, and fierce passion for my work. But, HR initiatives that I was recommending were "not right" or they were "too far out there". I left pitches with the thought me being right and my audience being wrong. I took my audiences' energy in like a sponge, reacted emotionally, and made my mood dependent on others. The feeling of misalignment spread through my whole being. 

I hired a coach and so my journey to authenticity and alignment began. I knew there was more! And I needed a partner to do some digging into my blocks to see how I was getting in my own way! Usually, when we feel stuck or overwhelmed, we are onto something. 

What I understood much later: I wasn't just onto my path to personal freedom, inner peace and trust in myself. That journey of discovery led me to understand the essence of leadership and formed my belief that we all are leaders. First of all of our own lives. We are (dog) moms, aunts, sisters, friends, mentors. Some of us have official leadership titles. 


I have learned that leadership means being aware, accepting what IS, and taking aligned action that leads us to the vision we have for ourselves, and our teams. Through my career in people operations, I have confirmed the belief in seeing and empowering individuals for a successful, resilient, and collaborative collective! 


Until this point, my behaviors were very much dependent on my audiences reactions. Through coaching and heavy lifting, I have learned to take responsibility for my thoughts, emotions and behaviors. I have learned how to feel all my emotions. As a woman, a partner, a friend, an employee and as a leader. That allows me to tap in the space of a pause between trigger and reaction. In fact, through the pause, I now consciously respond.


Today, I coach and teach women, young professionals and leaders of various experience levels to take ownership of their responses to circumstances and interactions with other people.

I teach the power of intentional living and leading. 

I explain how awareness of your own VIPSOs (values, interests, purpose, strengths and opportunities for growth) are your compass, and at the same time can be of hinderance if you do not know your partner's, your friends', or your team's VIPSOs. 

Rumor has it I desire nothing more that leave a positive impact on this world. Walking my talk, I continue to grow every single day. 

I explore and create awareness, set my intention, give it my best shot, succeed or fail, see what there is to learn, recenter, and give it another try.


How can I best support you?  

Behind the scenes ... 

1. When I was 12 years old, you found me on my swing in our backyard, singing ABBA songs at the top of my lungs! (I always knew how to cultivate joy:)). 
2. When I was six years old, I dreamt of having a horse - my parents always responded it was too expensive. In my mind, a donkey would be
the Chevy of the horses, so I asked for this instead (speaking thinking outside the box :).) Today, I have a metal donkey in our living room - still dreaming of having a real one in our yard. 
3. When I am on edge, I need to go outside and spend time in nature! 
4. I redefined my relationship with food and exercise in my early thirties! From working out to meet other people's expectations, meeting a body image, and tellin
g myself I am a foodie and that makes it ok to overeat on ice cream and cookies, I changed my story to moving because of my holistic health, and food - well I LOVE food, it is true, but I choose not to overeat anymore and to numb my feelings and instead choose to a) feel my emotions, and b) choose foods that fuel my body so I can be that bundle of energy you all love so much ;) 
5. I'm a Taurus which explains my love for nature and being grounded when I have both feet on the earth. But, by birth chart also has Leo Rising, which explains my love for energizing rooms and serving from a stage. 

6. The #1 thing people get wrong about me is that "because I am so positive", hard things are easy for me. Whereas, because I am fiercely facing any challenge I am confronted with, and learned to find acceptance in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the most wonderful, it allows me to approach life with gratitude and enthusiasm! 
7. I wholeheartedly believe in leading from the heart. If we display unkind or harsh behavior it is because we are wounded and need to heal. I advocate for showing up from a place of love! 
8. In the winter, I use a snow scratcher! What about you? Do you still use an ice scraper or are you on trend by now? ;) 

9. I am German, so I do create my own words sometimes :) 

10. I LOVE live concerts! To me, they feel like short vacations!

11. I'm a mountain lover and love the ocean for its movement and sound!

12. I've been told numerous times "you're too much", "you are not structured enough", "your ideas are too bold!" - And I have to say, it's true, I am HIGH energy, I am going off the plan often, because I am dynamic, opportunity seeking, and believe that for every challenge there IS a solution. Like Pipi Longstocking, I acknowledge reality, and choose to create a world that I love. And I can help you build YOURS, too! :) Let's connect! Shall we? 

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