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YOU Are My Why!

Image by Brad West

... For Coaching

 Let's partner! Together we will explore who you are as a unique individual.


I know what it feels like to be stuck, to feel like an imposter and to compare myself with others. It is uncomfortable and paralyzing.


I remember what it feels like to live in alignment with other people's expectations vs following what your own intuition whispers into your ear. 

I'll help you accept and appreciate yourself for who you are. Together, we will help you begin to trust yourself and this life, and as we continue, we will build your confidence to fearlessly show up as your authentic self.


It the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones.


Give me a call, I have your back and will cheer you on along the way! It is time that YOU leave your box!

... For Culture Transformation
in Teams and Organizations

The work world is changed forever - not just for employees, but corporations too. 

Today, the biggest challenge for many employers and business owners is finding the right talent for the right job.


Not just finding someone who is interested in your sign on bonus, but rather someone who will make a long-term commitment to your organization and you to them. 

But, there is work to be done. Holding onto unproven beliefs and data like  "people just don't want to work", or "employees ask for too much" I want to help  businesses stuck in old thinking, reshape  their talent acquisition,  engagement, and retention strategies.  

Creating a great company culture and talent pipeline in alignment with corporate values is one of my greatest passions. It allowed me to reduce annual turnover (from roughly 22% down to 4%).

Image by Hannah Busing
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